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Name:Jen Walters
Birthdate:Jan 11
Mostly 616.
I have a backstory for an MCU version, but I'm only using comics icons because 1)she's green and 2)the comic art is awesome.

If you're an MCU character and I'm talking to you, assume you're getting MCU. Everyone else, assume 616 unless otherwise stated (always open to AU)

Short summary for the canon-blined: Bruce Banner's cousin. Lawyer. Shot by not nice person. Received blood transfusion from cousin (in MCU story it was Bruce and Captain America to use his blood as a stabilizer). Became She-Hulk.

Spends most of her time in the big green amazon form because she feels more confidant that way. Totally coherent and capable of speech (and practicing law) while Hulked out. Her personality just becomes more of herself, stripped of a lot of her insecurities and inhibitions.

616 Jen has a spell cast on her by the Scarlet Witch to not be recognized as "the Jen Walters who turns into She- Hulk" since it's a common enough name, etc.
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